Travel Spots for Snowboarding

There are some really good spot when it comes to snowboarding around Europe. We have visited a lot in younger days when backpacking around the world and want to share some of our special places we have been to. Amongst these we find Montpelier in France and Dorfgastein and Badgastein in Switzerland.


Is situated in the north of Switzerland and a must go to for those who enjoys a bit of difficult slops. There are 11 different slopes which can be access through any of the 5 lifts or three of them where you are released by a chopper for some of-pist skiing. We visited Dorfgasetin in 2002 whith some friends. Although the town is all about skiing and boarding we found some very good pubs and places to eat as well. And for those of you who just want to lay back during the evenings they have an amazing casino in the city centre. There you will find both poker and regular table games. When we visited the casino, to our surprise they give away free spin no deposit to all customers who signs up a new membership. Fred one of our companions won €10.000 with these ending up paying for a extravagant dinner following evening. But Dorfgastein is all about the slopes but we do recommend visiting the casino if you have some extra time over at the evenings.

extreme sports appeareal


We went to Badgasetin during the same trip as it is a city situated close to Dorfgastein. In fact you can take the elevetor all the way to the top and ski down the other side of the mountain to reach the city. The town is a bit smaller tham dorfgastein but it has it’s charm. One after ski pub which is an hold wooden cottage. And three decent restaurants. We did enjoy the slopes better on this side as you had the sun in the back all day. If you are in the neighbourhood you should definitely hit both of this skiing resorts.


Montpelier is situated in east france and has some really cool slopes. It’s abi expensive but this city has it all. hockey team casino, and some great restaurants for the evening. Also there are a lot of nightclubs for those who wants to go out swinging during the night times. Just don’t let it miss out hitting the hills the day after.

Our next trip goes to vegas now this year (2016) where we heard they have some really good skiing resorts just 40 minutes outside the strip. We will keep you updated on this and we hope you have enjoyed the reading and found the information inspiring for your next trip.